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I became enamored with the original language of the New Testament very quickly. Moreover, I was instantly enthralled with the teaching methodology employed by my beginning Greek instructor, who frequently reminded his students that, “Although I have tried, I just can’t make this stuff hard!” What he spent much of his life on, I have continued to develop and expand over a 25-year period. Greek has indeed become my academic first love,” and these instructional tools my life’s legacy to future generations of beginning and ongoing New Testament Greek students.

Robert Wermuth is a freelance New Testament (Koiné) Greek and classical Latin instructor,  including the Pillar Foundation in West St. Louis County along with various other home schooling venues within the greater St. Louis metropolitan area. He also is periodically an adjunct instructor in beginning New Testament Greek at the main Lindenwood University campus in St. Charles, Missouri.

Robert is the author of Wermuth’s GREEKBOOK—A Systematic-Relational Beginning Grammar for the New Testament Greek Student. A 1985 graduate from St. Louis’ Covenant Theological Seminary (Presbyterian Church in America), Robert received a Master of Arts degree in exegetical theology, with a thesis on The Doctrine of Adoption in Paul’s Ephesian Letter. His undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism is from Auburn University. Robert, a native of Alabama, is a single father of three school age children.  He and his family reside in Maplewood, Missouri.

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  1. Robert,

    I was thinking about how much the humble beginnings of media ministry at Covenant Seminary has grown since the first Macintosh, Sony video-camera, etc. I count it a privilege to thank you for your labors to begin that ministry which has in time impacted tens of thousands. Blessings to you.

    In His grace,

    P.S. By looking at your website, I’d guess you’ve still got a Mac always at hand.

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