“If You Take Greek” (anonymous Communications major’s poem)

If you take Greek, you will not be a geek.  
Although in Greek we did not learn it to speak,  
I hope that Greek into my writing will leak. 
All that I seek . . . are birds with yellow beaks.   
He wants the weak; the earth is for the meek.    
When it looks bleak, He takes a peek,     
And He makes the floor squeak.     
If garlic you sneak, your breath will surely reek.     
Hear Jesus speak from the top of a peak:     
Bad stuff you seek?  For sure, you will scream, “Eeeeek!” 

[“Thank you, L.T.”]

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“Christian Love’s Crowning Touch: Loving One Another” (1 John 4:12, Greek & Latin)

Interestingly, on this Sunday of my first post, I found the Greek and the Latin complementing each other quite well as I observed during today’s worship service the Greek and Latin (side-by-side) text of 1 John 4:12b. In the context of the entire verse, Christians, obligated by the love that God has shown to us in Christ, are told that “if we should love one another, God’s love has been fulfilled/made perfect (τελειόω) in us.” The Latin Vulgate closely parallels the Greek here, using a verbal form (consummata est) from which one can easily recognize the roots of our English word “consummation.” Among the lexical Latin definitions of the root word (including: add/reckon/total/sum/make up; finish off, end; bring about, achieve/accomplish; bring to perfection; be grown) is to “put the finishing/crowning touch.” Broken down even further, the student of Latin (or English) can readily spot the basis for the English word “summit” within this Latin word. So, like water increasingly poured into a previously empty glass, or as one standing upon a mountain’s “summit,” God’s love is “fulfilled,” in us, matured to the “crowning touch” when we love one another in Christ.

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