FLASH! Card!! Study!!! All the Words in the Greek New Testament Occurring More than 10 times!

For an online flashcard study of all the New Testament words occurring more than 10 times per Bruce Metzger’s Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek frequency lists (supported with words noted by Sake Kubo from his Reader’s Lexicon of the Greek New Testament >50x word usage appendix), click here. Each Greek vocabulary word occurs not only on the front of the vocabulary card, but also on the back of the card—with the definition immediately under it. In this way, you are associating the original Greek word with its definition, so that, when you turn the card over to the front side—even though the “answer” is not really there—after repetitive viewings you will actually “see” the definition under the Greek word on the front side of the card as well!  Some cards also include a “third side” clue to the word’s meaning (see screen shot example below).

Here’s a visual example—via screen shots—of what you’ll find once you’re on the “Cram.com” (formerly “Flashcard Exchange.com”) site.

1) Word frequency categories listing —

2) Word frequency group selected —

3) Features & Navigation —

4)  Sample Vocabulary Card (Front) —

5)  Sample Vocabulary Card “Third Side” Definition Clue —

6) Sample Vocabulary Card (Back) showing Greek word coupled with its English definition —

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